Data Quality Upside Down - How a Denodo customer didn’t fall into the trap

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Christian Poecher
Christian Poecher Solution Consultant Denodo

Data quality (DQ) is ensuring that data is fit for the purpose it is used. Poor DQ may come from human errors, technical conversion errors or inappropriate usage of data. Data quality initiatives aim to improve DQ within an enterprise to support the business. But both experience as well as science show that there is something wrong with how enterprises run data quality initiatives.

Join us for the session with Christian Poecher, Solution Consultant at Denodo, who will show how you avoid falling into the traps many others did. He will present how a Denodo customer successfully balanced central governance with local freedoms by inverting the traditional DQ process and how they leveraged modern data management practices to achieve high-quality data and at the same time save costs.

Watch and Learn:

  • The state of data quality
  • Why are enterprises struggling
  • What a Denodo customer did differently
  • How to start your own DQ initiative

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