Data Services and the Modern Data Ecosystem (Middle East)

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Alexey Sidorov
Alexey Sidorov Data Management Director, Chief Evangelist Denodo
Stefano Cruciani
Stefano Cruciani Marketing Manager Southern Europe & Middle East Denodo

Digital Transformation has changed IT the way information services are delivered. The pace of business engagement, the rise of Digital IT (formerly known as “Shadow IT), has also increased demands on IT, especially in the area of Data Management.  Data Services exploits widely adopted interoperability standards, providing a strong framework for information exchange but also has enabled a growth of robust systems of engagement that can now exploit information that was normally locked away in some internal silo.  

Join us for our upcoming Middle East Webinar series episode, “Data Services and the Modern Data Ecosystem,” presented by Chief Evangelist MEA, Alexey Sidorov. Tune-in as we explore how a business can easily support and manage a Data Service ecosystem, providing a more flexible approach for information sharing supporting an ever diverse community of consumers.

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • Why Data Services are a critical part of a modern data ecosystem
  • How IT teams can manage Data Services and the increasing demand by businesses
  • How Digital IT can benefit from Data Services and how this can support the need for rapid prototyping allowing businesses to experiment with data and fail fast where necessary.
  • How a good Data Virtualization platform can encourage a culture of Data amongst business consumers (internally and externally)

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