Data Virtualization: The Best Accessory for the Smoothest Data-Driven Journey (A/NZ)

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Chris Day
Chris Day Director, APAC Sales Engineering Denodo

Presented at Chief Data Officer Live (A/NZ)

The journey to becoming a data-driven organisation is a rough one. There are just too many bumps on the way, in the form of a complex and distributed data ecosystem, compliance with local and international data privacy laws, and constantly changing market requirements needing faster data. Data Virtualization is a modern data integration technology that acts like an active suspension helping organisations smoothly transform into data-driven ones.

Watch on-demand this session to learn what is data virtualization and how it:

  • Delivers data in real-time, and without replication.
  • Creates a logical architecture to provide a single view of truth.
  • Centralises the data governance and security framework.
  • Democratises data for faster decision making and business agility.

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