Data Virtualization: Fulfilling the Digital Transformation Requirement (Indonesia)

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Eduard Sumual
Eduard Sumual Sales Director All Data International
Hermawan Sandi
Hermawan Sandi Solution Lead All Data International
Alexander Hoehl
Alexander Hoehl Senior Director Business Development APAC Denodo

Data is at the center of banking and financial organisations’ digital transformation initiatives, but caution needs to be taken to ensure customers’ data rights, privacy and security are top priorities, especially with initiatives like Open Banking and shifts to Cloud environments. So, enterprise architecture (EA) and technology innovation leaders need to refocus on data management and information architecture, making it central to all digitalization initiatives.

In this webinar, we will discuss how data virtualization can update and modernize data architectures in the digital transformation era. We will present success stories of financial organisations who already use data virtualization to differentiate themselves from the competition, optimize processes, and create new business opportunities through more agile data management.

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