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David Loshin

President of Knowledge Integrity

The adoption of cloud data warehousing is no longer seen as teetering on the bleeding edge of technology; a growing number of organizations are already using a cloud data warehouse or cloud data lake to support enterprise business intelligence, reporting, and dashboards. Businesses that migrate to the cloud still face challenges that complicate their ability to leverage cloud-based resources. Although conventional wisdom promotes the cost-effectiveness of the cloud, ungoverned operations allow data storage, egress, and computing resource costs to spiral out of control. Cost management is a common challenge, plus some organizations remain concerned about adequate data protections.

Organizations plan to address these challenges through technology, and businesses can overcome these uncertainties with a logical data fabric that seamlessly simplifies data movement and protection for reporting and analytics. In this webinar, we discuss the potential of a hybrid cloud data warehouse enabled by a logical data fabric, with data virtualization at its core, to deliver faster insights.

Attendees will learn about:

  • Hybrid cloud data warehouse architecture
  • Optimizing data movement on the cloud
  • Understanding cloud costs
  • Harmonizing data security Streamlining data movement across the hybrid cloud environment

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