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Change is the only constant and it is very important for enterprises to keep up with the changing times in an agile fashion. To ensure faster time to market, quick business insights and rapid data driven decision making, it is important that the Data Delivery channel is optimized in the best way possible.

With the advent of API Management technologies the demand for data being delivered in the form of a Data Service/APIs is increasing. The ability to make data available in an API format at the click of a button is the need of the hour. Join us to see how easy it is to make enterprise wide data available as Data Services/APIs no matter what format the data is stored in with no prior coding experience. Faster development, zero learning curve and huge value.

Watch on-demand this webinar to learn:

  • How to explore datasets available using Denodo Data Catalog
  • How to build new data sets using Denodo Design Studio, drag and drop interface
  • How to make datasets available in RESTful, OData 4, GeoJSON, GraphQL.
  • How to enable different authentication protocols including OAuth 2.0.
  • Automatic documentation (Open API) and availability in the Denodo Data Catalog.

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