Denodo Partner Connect: Data Governance with Denodo

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Suntosh Murthy
Suntosh Murthy Partner/Channel Sales Engineer Denodo

This session will explore the critical realm of data governance and how the Denodo Platform seamlessly integrates with leading governance tools. Attendees will learn how to deliver a captivating demo, highlighting the power of Denodo in strengthening data governance practices.

Topics will include:

Introduction to Data Governance & Data Governance Essentials: Understanding the pivotal role of data governance in data management, the consequences of lacking a robust governance strategy, and the essential components of data governance.

Integration with Governance Tools: Showcasing how Denodo integrates with leading data governance platforms, fostering a unified approach to data governance

Customer Success Stories: Sharing compelling examples of organizations that have successfully employed Denodo's data governance features and highlighting the challenges they faced as well as the solutions they implemented

Data Quality and Data Lineage: Illustrating how Denodo enables data quality checks, data profiling, and data lineage tracking, ensuring data trust and transparency within the organization

Data Access Control and Compliance: Explaining how Denodo facilitates data access control and supports compliance with data governance regulations and standards

We will conclude the session with an open Q&A hosted by our Denodo Sales Engineer team.

Join us to learn how you can effectively showcase the power of Denodo in strengthening data governance practices in demos for your clients. 


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