Denodo Partner Connect: Self-Service BI Deep Dive with the Denodo Data Catalog (On-demand)

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Sardor Davlenov
Sardor Davlenov Channel Partner Sales Engineer Denodo

In this Denodo session, we will explore how the Denodo Data Catalog empowers organizations to harness the full potential of their data. 

Attendees will learn the challenges with existing approaches, the modern/agile approach to self-service BI, and the value to the customers and prospects.

Details covered will include:

Centralized Access: The centralized logical data access layer enables anyone to quickly and easily access data, regardless of where it resides, without requiring assistance from IT.

Data Discovery: The data catalog enables users to browse, discover, and use data assets located anywhere in the enterprise. With an AI-powered recommendation engine, tools to aid collaboration, and intelligent search features, users know they can trust the data they discover.

Collaboration: With the broadest data delivery options to suit your needs, including JDBC, ODBC, ADO.NET, SOAP, RESTful web services, OData, GraphQL, GeoJSON, exports to Microsoft Excel/SQL, Tableau Data Extracts, and JMS message queues, users can access data in their preferred ways.

Join us to uncover how you can best present the Denodo Data Catalog to win customers and impress your prospects. 

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