Enabling Cloud Data Integration (EMEA)

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Robin Tandon
Robin Tandon Director of Product Marketing, EMEA and LATAM Denodo
Mark Pritchard
Mark Pritchard Director, Sales Engineering Denodo

Denodo recently released the Denodo Cloud Survey 2021. Learn about some of the insights we have from the survey as well as some of the use cases Denodo comes across in the cloud. We will also conduct a brief product demonstration highlighting how easy it is to migrate to the cloud and support access to data in hybrid cloud architectures.

In this session not only will we look at what you, the customers are saying in the Denodo Cloud Survey but also:

  • We will explore how, in reality, many organizations are already operating in a hybrid or multi-cloud environment and how their needs are being met through the use of a logical data fabric and data virtualization
  • We will discuss how easy it is to reduce the risk and minimize disruption when migrating to the cloud
  • We will educate you on why a uniform security layer removes regulatory risk in data governance.
  • Finally we will demonstrate some of the key capabilities of the Denodo Platform to support the above.

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