Enabling a Data Mesh Architecture and Data Sharing Culture with Denodo

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Pablo Alvarez
Pablo Alvarez Global Director of Product Management Denodo
Sylvain Dutilh
Sylvain Dutilh BI Administrator Landsbankinn

Data Mesh presents a new distributed and decentralized paradigm for data management, where autonomous domains expose their own data as "data products" to the rest of the organization. It tries to reduce bottlenecks derived from an excessive dependance on centralized IT teams, and capitalizes on the specialized data knowledge that domain users already have. However, Data Mesh literature leaves the implementation of these ideas very open to each organization.

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  • Deep dive into the key ideas of Data Mesh
  • Understand how Denodo can help you implement a Data Mesh
  • Hear directly from a Denodo client, Landsbankinn, their journey from a traditional analytic architecture to Data Mesh using Denodo

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