How to Democratize Reporting Tools with Unified Semantic Layer?

Panelists: Stefano Celati, BI Expert, BNova, Andrew Pease, Senior Director AI and Data science, Deloitte and Philip Moston, Principal Consultant Data & Analytics, QuinScape; Moderated by: Charles Southwood, Regional Sales VP, Northern Europe, Denodo

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Charles Southwood
Charles Southwood Regional Sales VP, Northern Europe and MEA Denodo
Philip Moston
Philip Moston Principal Consultant Data & Analytics Quinscape nm
Andrew Pease
Andrew Pease Senior Director AI and Data Science Deloitte nm
Stefano Celati
Stefano Celati BI Expert Bnova nm

Gone are the days when companies used to have a single reporting tool. Now, de facto, many of them have multiple reporting tools - one in finance, another in sales, and a different one in marketing. This creates a headache for IT to create and manage the different semantic layers for each of them. Is there a way to democratize the LOBs to use their reporting tool of choice while making it easy for the IT to maintain those different tools with a universal semantic layer? This panel will hotly debate this topic about how best to accomplish it. Chime in with your questions.

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