How to Minimize Data Movement and lower Egress Charges in Multi Cloud?

Panelists: Jordan Cheah, Consultant, Wipro USA, José Antonio Lorenzo López, Country Manager, Capgemini (LATAM) and Balaji Rajagopalan, CEO, Decision Minds; Moderator: Peter Morris, Sr. Director, Partner & Channel Sales, North America, Denodo

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Peter Morris
Peter Morris Sr. Director, Partner and Channel Sales, North America Denodo
Balaji Rajagopalan
Balaji Rajagopalan CEO Decision Minds
Jordan Cheah
Jordan Cheah Managing Consultant Wipro
José Antonio Lorenzo López
José Antonio Lorenzo López CEO Colombia Capgemini

Cloud Service Providers provide incentives to their customers to move all of their enterprise data into their cloud, but penalize them with egress charges when the data is moved out. When customers use multi-cloud, is there a better option to reduce the data movement among them, and lower or eliminate the egress charges? This panel of partner experts will provide their best answers. So, bring on your questions.

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