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Pablo Alvarez

Global Director of Product Management

Semantics has been a topic often associated with academia with little impact in the analytics world. However, that tendency is starting to change, fueled by self-service and data democratization initiatives that broaden the scope of who’s accessing data and what those users expect.

In this session, Pablo Alvarez, Global Director of Product Management, takes you for a deep dive into the exciting uses of semantics in data management. He will discuss why semantics is important for your data strategy, and how it can radically change your approach to managing things like self service, security, and governance.

Watch on-demand & learn:

  • The importance of data sharing in self service and data democratization initiatives
  • The challenges to manage and guarantee secure, protected data sharing
  • The role of semantics in this context
  • New semantic features in Denodo, like the new tag-based security policies

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