How to Simplify Data Discovery with Machine Learning Data Catalog?

Panelists: Yannick Bruck, Chief Technology Officer, Fujitsu, João Caldeira, Business Manager, Keyrus and Raheel Khan, Chief Business Officer, Edgematics; Moderated by: Mark Pritchard, Director, Regional Sales Engineering, Denodo

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Mark Pritchard
Mark Pritchard Director, Sales Engineering Denodo
Yannick Bruck
Yannick Bruck Chief Technology Officer Fujitsu
João Caldeira
João Caldeira Business Manager Keyrus
Raheel Khan
Raheel Khan Chief Business Officer Edgematics

Data catalogs are becoming prime within organizations to document the business definitions of all enterprise data enabling enterprise data governance, self-service data discovery, and watertight security. The avant garde data catalogs are using machine learning to learn user behavior and adapt accordingly. How do these machine learning data catalogs enable these outcomes? Bring your questions and walk away with insightful answers.

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