Laying down the upgrade path for your existing enterprise software (EMEA)

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David Fernandez
David Fernandez Senior Technical Account Manager Denodo

 2024/04/25     10:00 am BST / 11.00 am CEST

When a new version of enterprise software is released, it is not a matter of just getting the new software. Any organization needs to be ready for it from multiple other aspects such as infrastructure, team, and related costs. This requires planning and interactions between the different stakeholders months in advance.

Join us for the session with David Fernandez, Technical Account Manager at Denodo, who will guide the main aspects to consider to get ready, from how to get from kick-off to go live, including infrastructure provisioning, team preparation, metadata migration, and testing among others.

Attend and Learn:

  • What are the requirements for the upgrade
  • Best practices for the metadata upgrade
  • How to validate the new version including third-party integrations
  • How to coordinate the go-live
  • How Denodo can assist in the process

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