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The Logical Data Warehouse

Speakers: Paul Moxon, Head of Product Management, Denodo

What is a logical data warehouse? Paul Moxon, Head of Product Management, Denodo, describes a logical data warehouse as a data system similar to that of a traditional enterprise data warehouse, but one that also includes data from external sources. According to Moxon, the main motive for implementing a logical data warehouse is to improve decision making and reduce cost.

Moxon presents the logical data warehouse architecture and explains how to build a virtual logical model of your data, connecting to different external repositories (Oracle, Teradada, Hadoop, NoSQL, MongoDB, etc.) by simply pointing to them from the virtual layer, without the need to copy or move the data itself.  

Moxon also explains the concept of a logical data lake and how it compares with a logical data warehouse, highlighting the differences as well as the similar technical aspects.  

During the Q&A, you can find out what industries can benefit from a logical data warehouse.

This video is part of the Denodo Educational Seminar (recorded in New York on June 2016).

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Paul Moxon, Head of Product Management, Denodo