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Dominic Sartorio
Dominic Sartorio

VP of Product Marketing, Denodo

Listen to "Navigating the Era of Accelerated Change: Embracing Fearless Data with Denodo" on Spreaker.

Explore the latest episode of the Denodo Data Bites series, where we delve into "Navigating the Era of Accelerated Change: Embracing Fearless Data with Denodo." Join our guest speaker, Dominic Sartorio, VP of Product Marketing at Denodo, as he shares insights on how the concept of "Fearless Data" has revolutionized data management strategies. 

In this episode, Dominic simplifies data management with Denodo and discusses common fears and uncertainties organizations face in managing data. Discover how the traditional mindset of centralizing data can lead to complexity, high costs, and delays, and learn about new approaches focused on delivering data in the language of users. 

Additionally, explore how technological advancements since 2020 have reshaped the data landscape and the challenges organizations encounter in delivering data effectively to front-line workers and leadership. 

Tune in to gain valuable insights and strategies for navigating the evolving world of data with confidence.

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