Modern Cloud Data Architecture: Technologies and Practices for Managing and Analyzing Data on the Cloud

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Philip Russom Ph.D.
Philip Russom Ph.D. Independent Industry Analyst for Data and Analytics (Formerly an analyst with Gartner, TDWI and Forrester)
Scott Teal
Scott Teal Sr. Product Marketing Manager Snowflake
Paul Moxon
Paul Moxon SVP Data Architectures & Chief Evangelist Denodo
Jim Mellon
Jim Mellon Head of Architecture, Technology, and Data Operations Syngenta

Data architecture is more relevant than ever today, because so many user organizations are migrating data to the cloud, modernizing analytics and data warehouses, deploying data lakes and lakehouses, and adopting new practices for data virtualization, sharing, monetization, and marketplaces.

These and other data-driven use cases demand massive volumes of data in every structure imaginable, together with a wide range of processing capabilities. A well-designed, cloud-based data architecture provides a home for such highly diverse data and the numerous use cases it enables.

This Tactical Roundtable will discuss the need for a modern cloud data architecture, the components of that architecture, and the best practices and skills needed for today’s cloud data architectures.



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