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Paul Moxon

SVP Data Architecture & Chief Evangelist

In the past, data governance was looked upon as a thankless task, more of a hindrance to business than a facilitator. However, because of today's data privacy regulations, data governance is increasingly seen as a critical function across most organizations. Companies are investing in governance tools, data quality tools, data catalogs, and so on in an effort to improve their data governance function.

Many people think that data virtualization has no role to play in data governance, that it's just a data access layer. And this is why we're back with another episode of Myth Busters!

In this webinar, we'll look at the need for data governance within organizations and whether modern data management platforms, powered by data virtualization, can play an important role within this function. We'll not just look at the data management aspect of data governance, but also at how good data governance can enable self-service analytics while still protecting data from unauthorized access.

Join us for this Myth Busters webinar as we explore the challenges of data governance and whether data virtualization is needed to deliver the value that your company expects from these initiatives.

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