“Power of One” Does One Cloud Service Provider Satisfy all Enterprise Technology Requirements?

Panelists: Mark Smith, CEO & Chief Research Officer, Ventana Research, and Adnan Masood, PhD., Chief AI Officer, UST; Moderated by: Ravi Shankar, SVP & CMO, Denodo

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Ravi Shankar
Ravi Shankar Sr. VP & CMO Denodo
Mark Smith
Mark Smith CEO & Chief Research Officer Ventana Research
Adnan Masood
Adnan Masood PhD., Chief AI Officer UST Global
Pablo Alvarez
Pablo Alvarez Global Director of Product Management Denodo

Each of the cloud service providers (CSP) is pushing their technologies as a one-stop-shop. Can one CSP satisfy all of your enterprise requirements? What do you do when you need multiple CSPs? How do you negotiate with different providers? What can you do to avoid vendor lock in? How can you mitigate or even eliminate egress charges? Watch the keynote speakers actively debate the different options and provide essential answers that will immensely benefit your cloud strategy.

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