Unraveling the Data Lake: MPP integration within a Logical Data Fabric

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Antonio Tortosa
Antonio Tortosa Technical Consultant Denodo

With the appearance of cloud object storage services like AWS S3 or Azure ADLS, the data lake has seen an upturn in usage as some of the challenges of the original idea were addressed. However, companies across the globe still find it challenging to adopt data lakes into the corporate data ecosystem. While almost infinite in storage, data retrieval from these sources and integration of the data with the corporate ecosystem is still an arduous task for data engineers. This leads to data lakes becoming either a silo or a secondary form of storage instead of feeding business processes and creating value.

Join us in this session with Antonio Tortosa, a Technical Consultant at Denodo, who will discuss how the integration power of a logical data fabric working in tandem with the processing power of an MPP engine allows businesses to unravel their existing data lakes and seamlessly adopt them into the corporate data ecosystem. By the end of the session, you will have an understanding of how the Denodo Platform can help connect, explore, and integrate data lakes into a logical data fabric.

Topics covered in this session:

  • Why Massive Parallel Processing.
  • How Denodo leverages the computational power of MPP engines.
  • How Denodo and Presto can be used to process and integrate disparate data, including that of a data lake.

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