The “Why”, “What” and “How” of Data Mesh (A/NZ)

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Felix Liao
Felix Liao Director of Product Management, APAC Denodo

Presented at Chief Data Officer February 2022

The Data Mesh is a new data management approach centred around a de-centralized data architecture and a domain focused organisational paradigm. It is gaining strong interest and momentum as organisations continue to try to tackle the complexity and challenges around data management.

In this session, Felix Liao, APAC Director of Product Management at Denodo, breaks down the key principles behind the data mesh and explains how to leverage data mesh as a key part of a data management modernisation strategy.

Watch on-demand this session to learn more about:

  • Why do you need Data Mesh and what problems does it solve
  • What are the key principles of a Data Mesh approach to data management
  • How enabling technologies such as Denodo can support a Data Mesh implementation

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