Your Data is Waiting. What are the Top 5 Trends for Data in 2022? (ASEAN)

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Elaine Chan
Elaine Chan RVP Sales, ASEAN & Korea Denodo
Chris Day
Chris Day Director, APAC Sales Engineering Denodo

COVID-19 has pushed every industry and organization to embrace digital transformation at scale, upending the way many businesses will operate for the foreseeable future. Organizations no longer tolerate monolithic and centralized data architecture; they are embracing flexibility, modularity, and distributed data architecture to help drive innovation and modernize processes.

The pandemic has compelled organizations to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives and look for smarter and more agile ways to manage and leverage their corporate data assets. Data governance has become challenging in the ever-increasing complexity and distributed nature of the data ecosystem. Interoperability, collaboration and trust in data are imperative for a business to succeed. Data needs to be easily accessible and fit for purpose.

In this session, Denodo experts will discuss 5 key trends that are expected to be top of mind for CIOs and CDOs;

  • Distributed Data Environments
  • Decision Intelligence
  • Modern Data Architecture
  • Composable Data & Analytics
  • Hyper-personalized Experiences

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