Denodo, the recognized innovator of data virtualization technology has been recognized and awarded for its technology from a variety of media outlets and industry organizations.

Chief Architect and CDO at CIT Group (Denodo Customer) Honored as a 2016 CIO100 Award Winner.

BJ Fesq, Chief Architect and Chief Data Officer at CIT Group, was honored as a CIO100 2016 Innovation Leader for completing a project to build a modern data architecture fueled by data virtualization that enables a controlled environment in which critical data is mastered, managed and monitored for quality and strict governance standards in compliance with SIFI requirements.

DBTA 100 2016 - The Companies That Matter Most in Data

The IT landscape is always shifting and being contoured by external market forces and internal industry initiatives. This fourth annual DBTA 100 list encompasses a wide array of companies that in myriad ways are addressing market demands with hardware, software, and services. 

Denodo Customer Autodesk Winner of 2015 Leadership Award in the Big Data Category

The 2015 Leadership Awards bring forward the leaders and pioneers who have contributed to their organizations’ successes. These practitioners realize that successful business technology efforts requires a team effort guided by leadership, and our awards will bring industry attention to those that have committed their resources to this critical undertaking. 

Trend-Setting Products in Data and Information Management for 2016

The pressure is on for organizations to react faster to changing opportunities and risks by leveraging data to improve decision making.

BJ Fesq, Chief Architect and Chief Data Officer at CIT Group (Denodo Customer), Selected as a Computerworld 2016 Premier 100 Technology Leader

He was recognized as the Computerworld 2016 Premier 100 Technology Leader for leading the strategic efforts to modernize CIT’s technology platform by developing an innovative “Data Services Layer” using data virtualization (Denodo Platform) and other technologies; his efforts will enable CIT to withstand regulatory scrutiny.

Denodo Named Winner of The 2015 Ventana Research Technology Innovation Award for Information Management

The Technology Innovation Awards distinguish pioneers that have developed clear visionary and transformative technology. The Technology Innovation Awards showcase what technology vendors have done to advance the computing potential of their applications and technology so that it can be used to drive better efficiency and productivity as well as the outcomes and performance of an organization.

Big Data 50 - Companies Driving Innovation

The era of relying on a single relational database management system to support all of an organization’s data requirements is coming to an end. The Big Data 50 includes forward-thinking companies which are expanding the ways to derive value from data.

Denodo Wins the 2015 DBTA Readers’ Choice for Best Data Virtualization Solution.

The IT industry continues to expand at a brisk pace with a steady influx of innovative products and technologies to help organizations extract value from data, integrate it with new and traditional sources, as well as ensure quality and security.

Trend-Setting Products in Data and Information Management for 2015

Data is increasingly being recognized as a rich resource flowing through organizations from a continually growing range of data sources. But to realize its full potential, this data must be accessed by an array of users to support both real-time decision making and historical analysis, integrated with data from other sources, and still kept locked away from hackers and others with malicious intent.

DBTA 100 2015 - Denodo ranked in DBTA’s 100 Companies that Matter Most in Data.

Each year DBTA selects 100 of the most influential, forward thinking hardware, software and services companies to be included on their list of companies that matter the most in data. Denodo is proud to once again been recognized as a leader in data virtualization solutions by the industry. Thank you DBTA!

Denodo Named a Leader in Enterprise Data Virtualization

In The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Data Virtualization, Q1 2015, Forrester Research, Inc. named Denodo as a leader in enterprise data virtualization, receiving the second highest score for Current Offering and tying for third highest score in Strategy.

DBTA 100 2014: The Companies That Matter Most in Data

Here, Database Trends and Applications magazine introduces the second annual “DBTA 100” list of companies that matter most in data. Data management challenges and opportunities have intensified over the past year. Big data continues to impact organizations as they seek to extract value from the large quantities of data flowing in from traditional and newer sources social media sites, blogs, sensors, meters, and transactional systems, to name just a few. Separately, although related, massive data growth has continued to put pressure on IT resources and budgets.

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