Denodo, the recognized innovator of data virtualization technology has been recognized and awarded for its technology from a variety of media outlets and industry organizations.

InfoWorld 2009 Technology of the Year - Denodo platform named “Best Mashup Server”

The Denodo Platform received the 2009 Technology of the Year Award from InfoWorld for having the “Best Mashup Server” . “Denodo provides a rich set of tools to unify both structured data from relational databases and unstructured data from Web sites, e-mail boxes, and other sources. The years of development that went into the Denodo solution shows in the wide range of options you get for bringing data together.”

Denodo Named Cool Vendor in Data Management and Integration, 2007 by Gartner

Denodo received "Cool Vendor" status for its innovative approach to integrating structured and unstructured data. According to Gartner's "Cool Vendors in Data Management and Integration" report, "Data integration tools are evolving toward the unification of structured and unstructured data, and will begin to include semantic capabilities.

Denodo Data Virtualization Wins Best of Show Award at 2011 Bio-IT World Conference & Expo

Denodo Technologies has been named the winner of the 2011 Bio-IT World Conference Best of Show in the Software and Web-based Services category for its exceptional innovation in technology used by life science professionals today.

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