Air Europa

Accelerating Data Access and Analytics

Air Europa, a Spanish airline carrier based in Mallorca, is the airline division of the Globalia tourism group and is a full member of the SkyTeam alliance. The carrier operates scheduled and charter services from its operating bases in Madrid, Barcelona, and Tenerife South, to domestic and international destinations. In 2019, the Air Europa carried 13 million passengers.

A Single Source for Real Time Data

Air Europa needed to consolidate data from a variety of sources into its Teradata data warehouse, and then move all of that data to Azure Cloud. Daily, data was being extracted from the different source systems and loaded into the data warehouse, but this batch-oriented data movement did not enable real-time updates. Also, due to the lack of a semantic layer on the top of the different source systems, holistic data governance was not possible. To better serve business intelligence (BI) users and data scientists, Air Europa needed to be able to ingest these multiple data sources in real time. However, the traditional data replication capabilities supported by the company’s extract, transform, and load (ETL) processes were complex and time intensive, and they lacked data lineage capabilities.

Air Europa went the data virtualization route, and implemented the Denodo Platform to aggregate data from the source systems, including the data warehouse to provide a single point of access for all data. Denodo’s vendor agnostic and technology independent platform enabled Air Europa to save significant cost and efforts in data integration. With its data catalog, the Denodo Platform enabled Air Europa to democratize access to data and provide real time data.


Air Europa
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  • Industry: Transportation
  • Location: Spain
  • Product: Denodo Platform, On Premise

At a glance

Achieved data democratization with the included data catalog.

Reduced cost by avoiding data duplication and expensive ETL processes.

Significantly improved business agility.

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