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Biogen Idec


Typical of many large companies, the business analysts at Biogen Idec were having to manually collect, collate, and integrate data for many of the reports. Critical sales reports to executive management were taking too long to generate, resulting in information that was delivered too late to be truly actionable. The executive mandate to grow revenues by 20% annually created additional pressures on the business analysts as they needed to create new reports, integrate new data sources such as web data, and frequently modify existing reports.

Biogen Idec were having to deal with multiple data sources (spreadsheets, flat files, databases) from external and internal sources in rapidly changing reporting requirements. This meant that the development of new reports was taking too long.


Biogen Idec implemented data virtualization which automated access to the various data sources. The Denodo Platform tools simplified and accelerated the data transformation, quality and combination. Using graphical tools, Biogen Idec could ensure data normalization, cleansing, transformation, validation, and combination. The resultant data was delivered in the format required by the consuming applications.


As a result of the implementation of the Denodo Platform, the company was able to generate actionable information to the decision makers in a timely manner. The development of agile reports were generated 60% faster than with previous methods. The company also saw a 100% increase in reporting delivery with 40% less analysts. Finally, they were able to build self-service reports from reusable data services.

The Quotes

“Data Virtualization has doubled the number of BI projects we completed on time”

“As a Data Warehouse extension Denodo reduces cost and enriches BI with new data across internal and external systems”

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