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CIT Group

Business Need

CIT became a Systemically Important Financial Institution (SIFI) or “too big to fail” bank after they acquired a large retail bank. They needed a controlled data environment to support the intense regulatory scrutiny. In the legacy architecture, the consumers were pulling data directly from the sources systems. To avoid this problem, CIT needed a common data access layer to link across various silos. They also needed smart data governance to ensure that the stewards are accountable for their data and manage the data and its quality efficiently.

The Solution

A Data Services Layer (DSL) integrates data and becomes a common provisioning point from which to access all authoritative sources of data. Data virtualization is core to this layer helping abstract the data from the sources and presenting it to consuming applications through a unified interface. Denodo Platform for data virtualization provides these key capabilities within the DSL for the management and movement of data within the controlled data environment.


With the Denodo Platform for data virtualization, CIT built a modern data architecture that enables them to build once and use it many times. The Data Services Layer became the common provisioning point for all of CIT’s data instead of the legacy point-to-point integration. This helped CIT achieve faster time-to-market as well as minimize data replication and proliferation. Also, the Denodo Platform enables smart data governance through enforcement of policies, standards, and procedures, and capabilities such as efficient data lineage, metadata management, and monitoring of data quality before consumption.

Other Resources

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