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Paul Balas
By leveraging Denodo technology, we have the needed agility to deliver on our mission.
Paul Balas Former Vice President of Information and Analytics at Digital Realty

The company is involved in data center acquisition, ownership, development, and operations, all while providing colocation services. Business is conducted across multiple industry verticals in 31 markets across Europe, North America, Singapore, and Australia. In 2022 ,the company brought in a revenue of around $4.5 billion with its 3,000 employees.

Companies that provide the physical foundation for the digital world need to demonstrate industry-leading agility, efficiency, and flexibility. That is why Digital Realty, the world’s largest full-scale data center solution provider, leveraged the Denodo Platform.

Moving at the Speed of Customers

Digital Realty wanted to replace its existing, inflexible ETL processes with more agile, efficient data integrations across its business systems. The company also wanted to create a data services fabric for internal and external facing applications.

The Denodo Platform rapidly delivers integrations across business systems and facilitates the creation of standardized views for internal applications and business users. Providing a data abstraction layer across multiple, distributed, heterogeneous repositories, Denodo’s data virtualization technology generates integrated business data in real-time or near-real-time, as needed by consuming applications, business processes, analytics, or business users.

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Digital Realty
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  • Industry: Technology
  • Location: USA
  • Solution: Master Data Management
  • Product: Denodo Platform, On Premise

At a glance

Seamlessly integrated existing and newly acquired data systems, post merger.

Replaced existing ETL process with faster, more agile solution.

Created a governed middle layer, increasing trust among data stakeholders.

Enabled lines of business to engage in more efficient reporting.

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