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Significant Improvements to Information Agility Across The University


Daniel Young
"The Denodo Platform is at least three integration tools in one, and likely more. We routinely discover new and inventive ways to access data using the platform."
Daniel Young Chief Data Architect and Manager, Institutional Data Services, Indiana University
Brad Wheeler
"There was visible amazement and almost a gasp in the room when [AM360, one of the new self-service apps] was recently presented to the deans."
Brad Wheeler Operations & Decision Technologies Department Chair, Indiana Univeristy

Indiana University is a multi-campus public university system in the state of Indiana that has a combined student body of more than 114,000 students. They had recently begun a Decision Support Initiative (DSI), to close the gaps between the abundance of available data and the people whose decisions will help Indiana University achieve its goals.

Indiana University (IU) believes that knowledge is power. So when IU wanted to dive deeply into its core success metrics, the university launched a large-scale initiative to connect myriad systems to a single interface, and the Denodo Platform made that possible.

Seamless Unity

With its data virtualization capabilities, the Denodo Platform enabled IU to build out a logical data warehouse, which can connect to a wide variety of modern data sources, such as cloud sources, without requiring physical replication. It also establishes a central point for managing intercampus authentication and governance. Through the new BI infrastructure, IU successfully created powerful, real-time visualizations, enabled self-service data discovery, supplied grass-roots data governance, and turned the tide towards better decision making.

“There was visible amazement and almost a gasp in the room when [AM360, one of the new self-service apps] was recently presented to the deans,” said Brad Wheeler, CIO and vice president for IT. “They immediately began their own self-directed exploration on a wealth of data they had never seen before, credibly integrated in real-time.”


Indiana University
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At a glance

IU can now define and access data, easily and instantaneously.

Diverse data can now be accessed with proper authorization.

Governance rules can be globally applied from a single point.

Core BI logic is centralized, reducing duplication and enhancing efficiency.

IU’s new searchable data dictionary improves the self-service experience.

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