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David Griffith

Chief Data Architect

Budiman Bun

Head of Services

Felix Liao

Director of Product Management, APAC

Sunny Panjabi

Senior Product Marketing Manager, APAC

A little over a year ago, we would not have expected the disruptions caused by the rise of Generative AI. If 2023 was a groundbreaking year for AI, what will 2024 bring? More importantly, what can you do now to take advantage of these trends and ensure you are future-proof?

For example:

  • Generative AI will become more powerful and user-friendly, enabling novel and realistic content creation and automation.
  • Data Architectures will need to adapt to feed these powerful new models.
  • Data ecosystems are moving to the cloud, but there is a growing need to maintain control of costs and optimize workloads better.

Join us for a discussion on the most significant trends in the Data & AI space, and how you can prepare to ride this wave!


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