It’s a Wrap! 2023 – A Groundbreaking Year for AI and The Way Forward

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David Griffith
David Griffith Chief Data Architect Atturra
Budiman Bun
Budiman Bun Head of Services ABeam Consulting Ltd.
Felix Liao
Felix Liao Director of Product Management, APAC Denodo
Sunny Panjabi
Sunny Panjabi Senior Product Marketing Manager, APAC Denodo

A little over a year ago, we would not have expected the disruptions caused by the rise of Generative AI. If 2023 was a groundbreaking year for AI, what will 2024 bring? More importantly, what can you do now to take advantage of these trends and ensure you are future-proof?

For example:

  • Generative AI will become more powerful and user-friendly, enabling novel and realistic content creation and automation.
  • Data Architectures will need to adapt to feed these powerful new models.
  • Data ecosystems are moving to the cloud, but there is a growing need to maintain control of costs and optimize workloads better.

Join us for a discussion on the most significant trends in the Data & AI space, and how you can prepare to ride this wave!


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