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Daiki Nakazawa
“With the Denodo Platform, we were not only able to significantly reduce the workload required to verify our data, but also to easily create a portal site that enables users to verify their contract details. User satisfaction with our services has also improved.”
Daiki Nakazawa Assistant Manager, Automation Promotion Department, Advanced Operations Management Division, Technology Sector

KDDI is a japanese telecommunications operator that provides mobile celluar services. KIDDI needed to centralize information that was dispersed across a variety of internal systems, while also simultaneously enhancing customer service. To accomplish these feats, KIDDI turned to the Denodo Platform.

The Power of Data Virtualization

KDDI, which builds and operates many networks for the general public and businesses, including cellular networks, experienced network outages during the sinkhole incident in front of Hakata Station in 2016, which severely affected its services. At that time, the data required to adequately respond to the situation was scattered across multiple systems within the company, requiring a significant amount of time and labor.

These scattered systems were integrated using the Denodo Platform's data virtualization capabilities. The Denodo Platform enabled KDDI to establish a logical data fabric that provides access to all of the data in real time, which enhanced KIDDI’s services while improving customer service.

KDDI builds and operates communication networks that serve as the core of networks between companies and the Internet, as well as cellular networks for personal use.


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  • Industry: Telecommunication
  • Location: Japan
  • Product: Denodo Platform

At a glance

The Denodo Platform enabled KIDDI to provide uninterrupted services to users.

The Denodo Platform offered low-cost implementation, easy maintenance, and real-time data-access capabilities

KIDDI significantly reduced the workload for development and data verification, and reduced the workload for related departments.

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