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We wanted to simplify our data landscape, and the Denodo Platform played a pivotal role in that."
Piyush Pandey
Technical Business Analyst, NNIP

NNIP, an asset management company, needed to report a a substantial amount of data to its end clients and its internal operational teams. But the company's legacy data warehouse was unable to cope with the fast changing regulatory and legal requirements. To simplify and accelerate its business reporting process and stop unnecessary data replication, NNIP implemented the Denodo Platform.

A Simplified Data Architecture

To fulfil its reporting requirements for its internal business teams and for its clients, NNIP's data team had to pull data from numerous sources that included both internal sources and third-party data. These data sources were present both on-premises and in the cloud, and included databases on Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. The company’s business teams used multiple reporting tools like Power BI, QlikView, and SSRS.

The Denodo Platform acted as a single semantic layer that connected all of the different sources and provided data to the reporting software. The data team at NNIP can now work with business users to build prototypes. In this way, they ensured that the final solution delivered business stakeholders exactly what they wanted. The data team at NNIP was also able to report on the data at the same granularity level as in the original source system, eliminating the step of changing it only for the purpose of loading the data into the data warehouse, which saved a significant amount of business reporting time.

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