Ultra Mobile

Transforming into a Data-Driven Organization


Tyler Leshney
The Denodo Platform provided our IT and BI teams with a practical, cost-efficient solution for surfacing data with increased speed, quality, and agility.
Tyler Leshney Former President

Ultra Mobile is a nationwide mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) based in the U.S., which develops and sells a prepaid mobile phone service that provides international calling and texting. They operate on T-Mobile's celluar network.

Ultra Mobile moves fast. In fact, Inc. Magazine named it the fastest growing company in America in 2015. And when the company needed a BI infrastructure that could keep up with the speed of business, Ultra Mobile implemented the Denodo Platform.

Approaching the Speed of Thought

During Ultra Mobile’s rapid growth, the company needed to continue to be able to quickly answer basic questions like “Where is our growth?” and “How can we increase customer loyalty?” Ultra Mobile settled on a combination of the Denodo Platform, for data virtualization and governance; Looker, as the primary delivery layer; and Tableau/Power BI, as the analyst tools.

Ultra Mobile’s time-to-market for BI releases reduced from weeks to hours. Data is now governed through a consistent, stable process that leverages the capabilities of the Denodo Platform. It is now possible to pass billions of rows of business and consumer data through online dashboards that operate at close to the speed of thought. Data from MySQL, SQL Server, Excel, and Cloudera databases are blended in a consistent, reliable format, with blazing performance.


Ultra Mobile
  • Website: www.ultramobile.com
  • Industry: Telecommunication
  • Location: USA
  • Solution: BI and Analytics
  • Product: Denodo Platform, On Premise

At a glance

Ultra Mobile implemented a fast, modern BI infrastructure.

Time-to-market of BI releases reduced from weeks to hours.

Quality-of-service issues are proactively corrected, averting mass customer churn.

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