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Ultra Mobile

Business Need

Ultra Mobile, the fastest growing American company in 2015 according to Inc. Magazine, achieved a 10x year-over-year growth. To achieve their next wave of growth the company needed to be able to make data driven real-time decisions, but their exorbitant growth, combined with a rigid data architecture, held them back.


To improve information speed and quality, while maintaining rapid growth, the Ultra Mobile Business Intelligence team created a solution with a data virtualization layer at the core of the architecture. In addition to providing fast data access and improving data quality, the data virtualization layer also provides consistent data security and governance across the organization.


With the modern BI architecture in place, Ultra Mobile’s leadership team is able to collaborate better with a stable, consistent data set and they can now make real-time business decisions based on data driven insights. The data virtualization platform has helped Ultra Mobile achieve significant revenue and profitability growth and has also helped to make the company’s user growth sustainable.

Other Resources

Case Study Video: Ultra Mobile

In this video, Kalpesh Vyas, Director of Analytics at Ultra Mobile, discusses why they chose the Denodo Platform and how data virtualization helped them to integrate their disparate data sources.

Case Study: Ultra Mobile

Ultra Mobile needed to present data in a consistent, single view, as the blending and federation of data in the BI tool was not mature. Learn how data virtualization helped them achieve this goal.

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