Transforming Energy Distribution with the Denodo Platform

Founded in 2006, VTTI B.V. provides energy storage services. The Company stores and distributes gasoline, distillates, chemicals, hydrogen, and fuel oil from petroleum holding terminals. VTTI serves customers worldwide and is one of the world’s fastest-growing independent storage providers for energy and other essential products.

Data Virtualization at VTTI

As a global company focused on the future, VTTI is continuously thinking ahead and developing new ways to store and distribute energy, chemicals, and energy alternatives. With over 10 million cubic meters of storage capacity located across five continents, its terminals are among the most advanced in the world. VTTI has a combination of ultra-modern greenfield terminals and upgraded facilities with a focus on innovative, sustainable solutions that reduce environmental and carbon footprints. It loads or discharges around 11,000 vessels, trucks, and trains globally every year.

With that scale of work, VTTI has unique insight into energy trading and product flows. All the critical activities that the company performs across the value chain make massive amounts of data available. For this reason, it is especially important for VTTI to generate information or insights from this data and make it readily and effectively available to business stakeholders. The data is also important for monitoring pumps and pipes as well as for engaging in predictive and prescriptive maintenance of the entire infrastructure. VTTI is building a solid analytical foundation that can serve use cases in the field of predictive and prescriptive analytics to better manage customer expectations and enable customers to better manage expectations with the rest of the value chain.

The Denodo Platform, powered by data virtualization, met the company’s needs. VTTI leverages the Denodo Platform to integrate data for operational use cases as well as IT data sources that span across a variety of functions including finance, maintenance, and human resources. The Denodo Platform also incorporates data from external sources such as those available from city municipalities, port management offices, and weather forecast bureaus.


  • Website: www.vtti.com
  • Industry: Energy and Utilities
  • Location: The Netherlands
  • Product: Denodo Platform

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Reduced reporting cycle and improved developer productivity.

Improved data quality by consolidated geographically distributed systems.

Enhanced data governance by having a single, governable source of enterprise data.

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