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Data Virtualization Benefits

Data virtualization brings agile information access to drive business agility.

Benefits to CEO / Business Leaders

  • Information agility is a top 3 driver of business agility and performance -  you need it.
  • Access and leverage of all information that has value for competitive advantage- enterprise, social, public.
  • Information management practices revolution in mindset - business-need driven, responsive and even proactive, and lower-cost.

Benefits to CDO / Enterprise Architecture

  • A unified virtual layer that abstracts underlying source complexity and presents disparate data as if from a single source.
  • Show better returns on data assets (RODA) - huge investments in big data and integration infrastructure with only a small percentage being put to use will become history.
  • Agile data provisioning to generate business value internal and externally - by increasing ‘shareability’ of a data resource across multiple data users and use cases.

Benefits to Data Architects / Developers

  • Allows you to learn, hone and implement modern data integration.
  • Simply a faster, easier, more agile, and enjoyable data integration experience.
  • Broader ways to deliver value out of your work - data services that can deliver business value in operational, analytical, cloud / social, mobile and enterprise environments without boundaries.