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The Denodo free online training video library provides you access to excerpts of our exclusive data virtualization courses - designed for data professionals including administrators, architects and developers.  We have designed our training to specifically address your needs and give you and your organization a jump start in building leading-edge data solutions using our award winning Denodo Data Virtualization Platform.


How to create REST Web Services using Virtual DataPort

The excerpt of this training video shows how to publish views as a REST Web Service to enable external applications to retrieve data from the Server as an alternative way to JDBC and ODBC interfaces.

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How to manage users and roles with Virtual DataPort

This training excerpt explains the different authentication methods and user types, and also how to create new users as well as different access and execution privileges. 

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How to create a JDBC data source in Virtual DataPort

This training excerpt shows the different configuration options to create a JDBC data source such as the connection details (URI, user, password…), the connection Pool, the driver properties and how to configure the read and Write properties.

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How to manage Virtual DataPort Server Configuration

This training excerpt shows how to access to the Virtual DataPort management area and also how to configure the server cache and limit the number of accepted concurrent requests.

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