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The Denodo Platform delivers breakthrough performance in big data, logical data warehouses, and operational scenarios; it accelerates adoption with data virtualization in the cloud; and it expedites the use of data by business users, with self-service data discovery and search.

Breakthrough Performance in Big Data, Logical Data Warehouse, and Operational Scenarios

The Denodo Platform has the most advanced optimization techniques for big data. To minimize network traffic, the Dynamic Query Optimizer automatically implements the “move processing to the data” paradigm. The optimizer determines the best query execution plan to deliver the optimum performance, considering data source statistics and indexes, as well as the special characteristics of big data sources. In performance tests, The Denodo Platform 6.0, when used as a logical data warehouse, demonstrated benchmark results on par with a physical data warehouse, yet for a lower cost and time-to-value. The Denodo Platform complements the Dynamic Query Optimizer with an advanced caching system that allows both a full-view materialization and query-by-query caching.

Expeditious Use of Data by Business Users with Self-Service Discovery and Search

The Denodo Platform enables business users to search the actual data using an intuitive interface. Users can also browse across defined relationships between data entities and query for specific data. These “Google-like” searches enable users to search, browse, and query in a very intuitive way because they can “walk” the canonical data model to discover what data is available, the structure of the data, the relationships to other data entities, and any other information provided by the data architects, including the documentation and usage notes. Users can also create ad-hoc queries using the new Advanced Query Wizard and save them as views.

Broad Connectivity to the Widest Range of Data Sources

The Denodo Platform provides connectivity to any data source including Web, semi-structured, and unstructured, in any format or location.The Denodo Platform offers high-performance, optimized adapters for all the main sources including relational databases, multidimensional databases, Hadoop, NoSQL (document, graph, key-value, triple, columnar), streaming data, flat files (Excel, XML, Delimited, Log), web services (REST and SOAP/WSDL), Web, documents (Word, PDF), email, and more. For data sources that the Denodo Platform does not support, a connector SDK is provided, along with an Eclipse plugin to simplify developing connections to these custom data sources. The Denodo Platform provides special support for -- and connectivity to -- the broadest array of big data sources, including Redshift, HP Vertica, Impala, and Apache Spark, in addition to its existing support for Teradata, Netezza, Hive, Impala, and Greenplum..

Support for a Wide Range of Operational, Analytical, and Big Data Use Cases

The Denodo Platform supports a wide range of use cases – beyond the typical analytical use cases supported by most other data virtualization products. The Denodo Platform supports numerous big data use cases, operational use cases, Web integration use cases, as well as more traditional data management use cases. Learn more about all the use cases. Also, the Denodo Platform supports the creation of a data services layer that exposes the underlying data sources as services. The data services can be published as web services – SOAP/XML or REST – or as portlets and web parts for integration with enterprise portals or Microsoft SharePoint, respectively. Using data services promotes the reusability of the virtual view created within the Denodo Platform and provides a common, consistent representation of the underlying data assets.

Controlled Access to Information, with Advanced Security

The Denodo Platform offers policy-driven, row-based, and column-based security management features that include controlled access to role-based security access, schema wide and data-specific permissions, and comprehensive support for major security protocols, including single sign-on using Kerberos.

Accelerated Adoption with Data Virtualization in the Cloud

The Denodo Platform 6.0 will be first and only data virtualization solution to be available on Amazon AWS Marketplace. It lowers the cost barriers to data virtualization, it provides ease-of-use, and and it accelerates adoption. There is nothing to install or configure. The Denodo Platform for AWS offers a scalable infrastructure in that users can seamlessly add instances.

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