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Denodo is committed to higher standards of security

Security Assurance

At Denodo, we are aware of the potentially sensitive nature of the information that we manage. We understand that we must comply with any applicable legislation related to information security, and we seek to apply protective measures beyond those minimum requirements to ensure the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of the information we may have access to. More details on the Information Security Policy Statement.

In addition, Denodo has implemented, and proactively maintains, internal policies and processes to ensure that we comply with all applicable data protection laws, such as the Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Privacy Shield.

Denodo continuously monitors applicable data protection and privacy regulations and guidelines. Denodo's legal team works with outside counsel in the jurisdictions in which we conduct business to ensure that appropriate precautions are observed.

Regulatory and Compliance

In response to increasing security and compliance requirements from our clients and partners, Denodo earned the ISO 27001:2013 certification on December 2020, and at least once a year, Denodo measures, reviews, documents, and audits its compliance with ISO 27001:2013 IT Security obligations, officializing our proactive approach towards security, and attesting to the highest quality, rigor, and integrity of our solutions and services.

To perform this certification, one of the most well-known, accredited certification bodies, BSI Group, completed a rigorous process for auditing the security compliance of the auditing the security compliance of the Denodo ISMS
In the words of BSI Group: "DENODO has demonstrated that it is properly designed to support the strategic direction and deliver the intended results, particularly with regard to the protection of customer information in the support and portal management processes and therefore strengthen the confidence of the customers on this matter."

Denodo processes customer data in compliance with the Supplier Data Processing Agreement (DPA). Denodo respects the privacy of its customers, partners, and other visitors to the company’s websites and protects personal information in accordance with the Denodo Privacy Policy, and other local regulations, such as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).


Security advisories

Security issues in the product (i.e. Denodo Platform components and tools) must be addressed through the Denodo Support Site . This is the most effective way to contact us and to ensure the issue will be responded to according to the agreed-upon service-level agreement (SLA) between Denodo and each customer (See Denodo Support Guide for more information).

The Support team is trained to escalate issues according to their severity and nature, depending on the security breach they could cause, and Denodo product security managers and specialists will be involved when required.

Any other security issues not directly related to the software that Denodo provides to the customer (e.g., the notification of a security breach in Denodo/customer systems that should be sent to the other party) must be addressed by sending an email to

Other Security Resources

Other Denodo security resources include:

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