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Every day, this bank serves customers across 12 U.S. states with reliable, state-of-the art banking services. Increasingly, this has required the bank to seamlessly reach customers and potential customers across multiple channels including in-person, ATM, mobile, and online channels, with digital services running 24/7 under strict levels of speed, availability, and accuracy. To address these needs, the bank planned a digital transformation that included a re-design of the entire data infrastructure.

The bank wanted to move from a traditional, centralized data infrastructure to a modern, decentralized, data mesh infrastructure. The bank leveraged the Denodo Platform as a foundational element for this profound transformation. With the Denodo Platform, the bank established a logical data fabric across the bank’s existing data infrastructure, which enables real-time access to any data source in the organization, without the data consumer needing to know where the source system is located.

The Denodo Platform enabled the bank to meet or exceed all of the company’s expectations for a new data-meshbased infrastructure that could support the bank’s vision for a digital transformation, including robust, domain-driven data marketplaces with data catalog capabilities.

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