Data virtualization is the key technology for establishing a logical data fabric architecture. The only data integration style designed for distributed architectures, data virtualization provides a logical data access layer on top of multiple heterogeneous systems in hybrid, distributed architectures. Today’s data management ecosystem is distributed in nature, so a logical data access layer such as data virtualization is the best fit.

Denodo Enterprise Plus is the only platform that enables organizations to achieve the vision of a logical data fabric. It incorporates features that accelerate the delivery of governed data to business applications, in the most appropriate format for each consumer, across multiple, geographically distributed, heterogeneous systems.

Denodo Enterprise Plus offers strong support for core data virtualization use cases: logical analytical architectures, logical data warehouses, and data services APIs. But it goes beyond traditional data virtualization scenarios to better support new types of users and new types of use cases, such as data science and machine learning (ML) initiatives.