Leverage data virtualization to enable full-featured data services

With the constant proliferation of digital interactions, and the availability of increasingly voluminous, less expensive storage solutions, organizations are often in possession of more data than they can handle. In such organizations, stakeholders are often unaware of what data is available, let alone where it is stored, or how it needs to be accessed. Rather than finding the best source of information for a given task, analysts often go with the first source they can find, diminishing the value of the data.

One solution is a data services marketplace, which places all of an organization’s data sources behind a single data access point, similar to the front end of an application or operating system.

Download this solution brief to learn more about the following:

  • The four key challenges that organizations have to overcome surrounding a data services marketplace.
  • How data virtualization can serve as the foundation for an effective data services marketplace.
  • How can security, privacy, and governance protocols be monitored using data virtualization.
  • The four main benefits that organizations can achieve by using data virtualization to establish their data services marketplace.
  • How two companies leveraged data virtualization to enable a successful data services marketplace.