Data Virtualization - The Essential Tool for Security and Governance

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Businesses across all industries collect and manage an unprecedented volume of personal and financial data. Public sector agencies possess a lot of sensitive data that includes Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data. Nonetheless, a recent study by the Singapore Public Sector Data Security Review Committee found that the public sector agencies have insufficient policies governing third parties handling data and inconsistent practices in managing data access. This brief explains how data virtualization, an advanced data integration and data management approach, enables unprecedented control over security and governance. In addition, data virtualization enables companies to access data in real-time while optimizing costs and ROI.

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  • The challenges posed by the growing architectural complexity in enterprise data management
  • How data virtualization simplifies implementing enterprise-wide data governance and security framework
  • How Autodesk used data virtualization to implement a company-wide data governance framework to comply with GDPR laws

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