Data Virtualization use cases and patterns

The Denodo Platform supports a wide range of use cases – beyond the typical analytical use cases supported by most other Data Virtualization products. In addition to the classic analytical use cases (also known as ‘Agile BI’), the Denodo Platform supports numerous Big Data use cases, operational use cases, Web integration use cases, and more traditional data management use cases. This range of use cases includes:



Analytical/Informational Use Cases

  • Mainstream BI and Data Warehousing:

    • Logical Data Warehouse
    • Virtual Data Marts
    • Data Warehouse Extension
    • Operational BI and Analytics
    • Hybrid Data Virtualization/ETL
    • Virtual Sandboxes and Prototyping
    • Real Time Reporting

  • Big Data Analytics:

    • Hadoop/NoSQL as an Analytics Sandbox
    • Data Warehouse Offloading
    • Hadoop as a Staging Area
    • Hybrid Data Storage
    • Hadoop/NoSQL for ETL
    • Integrating Big Data Analytics

  • Data Discovery/Self-Service:

    • Data Discovery and ‘What If’ Analytics
    • Self-Service BI and Reporting


Operational/transactional Use Cases

  • Data Services for Agile Application Development:

    • Agile Mobile and Cloud App Development
    • Agile SOA and BPM Development
    • Agile Portal and Collaboration Development

  • Data Abstraction for Migration and Modernization:

    • Legacy Application Modernization
    • Migration from Enterprise to Cloud/SaaS
    • Mergers & Acquisitions – Data Consolidation

  • B2B Data Services and Integration:

    • Data Services for Partners
    • B2B Integration through Web Automation

  • Single View Applications:

    • Customer Service and Call Centers
    • Products/Product Catalogs
    • Vertical Specific (e.g. Well or Physician Data)


Web/Cloud Integration Use Cases

  • Web, Cloud, and B2B Integration:

    • Web Extraction (e.g., public sources, etc.)
    • Competitive BI
    • Data Services in Cloud
    • Social Media Integration
    • Cloud/SaaS Application Integration
    • B2B Integration through Web Automation


Data Management Use Cases

  • Data Management and Data Services Infrastructure:

    • Canonical View of Data Entities
    • Enterprise Business Data Glossary
    • Virtual MDM
    • Unified Data Governance
    • Enterprise Data Services

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