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In each episode, we interview an industry leader within the data space to discuss a variety of topics falling under the data umbrella. Our conversations aim to help newcomers & veterans navigate the complexities of the data industry with ease.

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How does a Modern Data Ecosystem Drive Business Value?

Podcast Guest: Suresh Chandrasekaran, Executive Vice President at Denodo


How to Create an Agile BI Infrastructure with Data Virtualization?

Podcast Guest: Katrina Briedis, Senior Product Marketing Manager (APAC) at Denodo


Does Data Virtualization Bridge The Gap with Customer 360 Views?

Podcast Guest: Robin Tandon, Director of Product Marketing (EMEA & LATAM) at Denodo


Is Cloud Data Integration the Secret to Alleviating Data Connectivity Woes?

Podcast Guest: Sutender Mehta, Product Marketing Manager (EMEA & LATAM), Denodo


Is Data Virtualization for Operationalizing Data Lakes the Real Deal?

Podcast Guest: Saptarshi Sengupta, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Denodo


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