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Data Virtualization Goes Mainstream and Speeds Information Access for Agile Applications and Business Intelligence Needs

PALO ALTO, January 5, 2012 – Denodo Technologies today announced that it has been named as a leader in Forrester Research Inc.´s newly published report, The Forrester Wave™: Data Virtualization, Q1 2012. Forrester noted that Denodo has improved its product and strategy, gaining an improved position in the Leader category, and is building momentum on data virtualization projects.

As Data Virtualization becomes a mainstream technology, industry leaders and analysts such as Forrester Research delve into detailed analysis and evaluation of both tools and vendors in this space.

Forrester says in the report “…in the past 24 months, we have seen a significant increase in adoption [of data virtualization]. Regardless of industry, all firms can benefit from data virtualization, especially when integrating larger numbers of data sources, delivering real-time data, and integrating with a wide range of data types.” The report goes on to state that companies are now developing enterprise wide data virtualization strategies in order to deliver real-time data, focusing on read-and-write capabilities, and integrating enterprise data with unstructured, cloud, and external data sources.

The report covers factors such as flexibility, ease of use, and ROI for customers and gives Denodo the maximum score of 5 out of 5 in areas including Data Types, Data Services Integration, Data Services Modeling, Metadata Management, Development Tools, Flexibility, Data Services, Security, and Revenue Growth to name a few. The Forrester report says “Customers …often applaud the ease of use and simplicity of the product, dramatically reducing data virtualization projects from months to days”.

Apart from its strong integration capabilities within structured enterprise data, the platform also has the unique distinction of being able to earlier and more deeply integrate unstructured, Web and cloud data. Denodo’s sophisticated functionality is packaged in a unified platform with no additional options to buy, functionality that is reflected in the top scores earned for Data Services Integration.

“Denodo customers are leading the way in the adoption of data virtualization on a global scale with advanced use cases for agile data integration,” says Angel Viña, CEO and founder of Denodo Technologies. “We believe that Denodo’s position as a leader in this Forrester’s Data Virtualization Wave is recognition of our success with innovative data management solutions that simplify the access to disperse data sources, and the integration and delivery of data services in the era of information explosion and complexity to enable business agility”.

Suresh Chandrasekaran, SVP of Denodo Technologies emphasizes the unique balance of efficiency, quality and performance that Denodo has brought to the market. "Our solution is the Ferrari in the market with the economic benefits and ease of use of a Toyota Prius or Chevy Volt, a concept that has been understood by organizations adopting data virtualization." He adds, “Those with a passion for this technology and its benefits choose the Denodo platform. They know it is able to provide a flexible unified data layer allowing access to structured, unstructured, web, cloud and big data in a scalable manner at the least total cost of ownership".

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