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PALO ALTO, CA, July 18, 2017 - Denodo, the leader in data virtualization, today announced that its customer Ultra Mobile, one of the fastest growing mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) based in the U.S., has been recognized as a 2017 Best Practices Award winner in the Emerging Technologies and Methods category by TDWI, the premier source for in-depth education and research on all things data. Ultra Mobile developed a flexible business intelligence (BI) architecture using the Denodo Platform to gain the insight that has driven innovative and optimized products, unparalleled customer service in the pre-paid telecom industry, and distribution of marketing spend to high growth areas of opportunity.

The Emerging Technologies and Methods category is a catch-all for the many new techniques that are gaining acceptance in BI, data warehousing, and data management. The category includes data virtualization, cloud computing, Hadoop, Spark, open source software, Web 2.0, social media, mobile BI, self-service BI and data preparation, stream mining, IoT, cognitive computing, and more. All nominated solutions are evaluated by TDWI analysts and faculty on the basis of business impact, maturity, innovation, and industry relevance, to select award winners.

Ultra Mobile embarked on an effort to modernize its BI platform, with data virtualization at the core, to democratize quality data assets as the catalyst for information-driven decision making.  

“We are thrilled to have been recognized by TDWI,” said Mike Burkes, vice president of Business Intelligence at Ultra Mobile. “With the Denodo Platform at the heart of our modern enterprise data architecture, the time-to-market of our BI releases has shortened from weeks to days, or even hours. It is now possible to pass billions of rows of business and consumer data through online dashboards operating at close to the speed of thought.”

Ultra Mobile will be presented with the award at the TDWI Anaheim Conference on August 7. On August 9 at 1:25 p.m., Ultra Mobile will also present their case study at the TDWI Anaheim Conference, on how the company modernized its enterprise data architecture by deploying the Denodo Platform.


About TDWI

For 20 years, TDWI has helped individuals and teams transform data with intelligence through a comprehensive portfolio of business and technical education and research. The in-depth, best-practices-based knowledge TDWI offers can be quickly applied to develop world-class talent across your organization’s business and IT functions and to enhance analytical, data-driven decision making and performance. TDWI advances the art and science of realizing business value from data by providing an objective forum where industry experts, solution providers, and practitioners can explore and enhance data competencies, practices, and technologies. TDWI presents six major conferences as well as topical seminars, onsite education, membership, certification, live Webinars, resource-filled publications, industry news, and in-depth research. See or follow us on Twitter @TDWI.


About Ultra Mobile

Founded in 2011, Ultra Mobile is a prepaid nationwide carrier that focuses on delivering innovative, cost effective mobile voice, text, and data services for people living in the United States who regularly call or text internationally. Its international services reach over 200 destinations. The company’s mission is to provide convenient and affordable solutions that connect people with their extended families, friends and colleagues living around the world. Ultra Mobile is co-headquartered in New York City and Southern California, with more than 150 employees based in USA, Europe, and Asia. The company supports its customers in English, Chinese, and Spanish. For more information visit or follow us on Twitter @ultra_mobile


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