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Data is gold. Often, it is a company’s most valuable asset. But to get the most out of their data troves, especially when these massive volumes are comprised of myriad heterogeneous sources, companies need to establish robust services to support data delivery and consumption.

Such services might include:

  • Data-as-a-service (DaaS) initiatives, which present business users with data that is curated, cleaned, and organized to meet business their needs, or
  • Data services marketplaces, which deliver any type of data, even transactional data, to business and technical users over a unified interface.

By 2022, 35% of large organizations will be either sellers or buyers of data via formal online data marketplaces, up from 25% in 2020..


Turning Data into an Asset

What kinds of companies are leveraging data services? They run the gamut from business intelligence firms analyzing oil exploration data for oil and gas companies, to financial services firms building a controlled data environment for regulatory compliance. As the Internet of things (IoT), online transaction processing (OLTP), and data analytics increase in popularity, it becomes increasingly vital for many companies to leverage such services to gain the maximum value from data.

Heterogeneous Data Landscapes

Data services are gaining traction, but organizations need to overcome a few key challenges to deploy them successfully:


Data needs to be processed in real time

While IT is getting burdened with a wide variety of data at high volumes, including data from social media, streaming sources, and the cloud, business users often need data the instant it changes.


The complexity of data silos

As many different forms of data sources come to life and proliferate, they tend to create their own data silos. The greater the number of silos, the harder it is to gather holistic intelligence for the enterprise.


Costly physical data aggregation

Massive volumes of data from external sources such as social media platforms, the Web, and sensors, need to be stored in expensive infrastructures in order to be integrated with legacy technologies. Data also gets replicated multiple times and often becomes out-of-date.


Data security, privacy, and governance

As organizations make data available to a wider range of users, it becomes of paramount importance to provide effective encryption and proper access controls for personally identifiable information (PII), as well as to ensure that they always deliver the most trustworthy, accurate data.

Data Virtualization to the Rescue

Most data integration technologies physically move data from multiple sources to a central repository, but data virtualization, the technology behind the Denodo Platform, offers a novel approach: It creates real-time, consolidated views of the data without moving the data. The Denodo Platform establishes a layer of abstraction on top of the physical data infrastructure, masking users from any changes in the physical infrastructure. This makes the Denodo Platform very simple to deploy.

The Denodo Platform integrates data from transactional systems and cloud systems in real time, which is just not possible with legacy data integration solutions. Because it abstracts users from the complexities of managing data models, the Denodo Platform facilitates self-service data access.

By creating a single real-time view of data across the entire enterprise, The Denodo Platform makes it easier for organizations to implement centralized, consistent security, data privacy, and data governance protocols. The Denodo Platform protects infrastructure investments as the data always remains in the same physical sources.


Data Virtualization Benefits


Real-time integration

of all on-premises and off-premises data, without replication.


Reduction of data silos

by creating a single source of truth for all enterprise information and providing a single data access layer.


Uniformity of data security and governance,

as enterprise-wide rules can be applied through a single layer.

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