Self-service Analytics

Empower a data-driven culture with a logical data management platform.

Democratize Data Access for Everyone

In the age of the customer, real-time insight and action are crucial. The challenge is that customers interact with organizations on multiple channels, requiring analytics users to be able to aggregate data from multiple systems and ensure that the data is in a common format so they can get meaningful insights from it. This challenge is not isolated to customer data; the same applies to supply chain data, order-to-cash analysis, and other data-centric processes. Data is locked in many silos. For the average business user, integrating that data to perform analytics is too complex, requiring help from IT resources.

To truly become data-driven and enable self-service business intelligence (BI) and analytics, organizations must be able to democratize data access so everyone in the organization can use data to make informed decisions. Organizations need a self-service analytics platform that enables anyone to find, access, integrate, and share data securely, in real time, regardless of where the data may reside. This is exactly what the Denodo Platform delivers.

“Denodo is best fit for customers that are focusing on an enterprise-wide data fabric strategy to support BI, data collaboration, customer intelligence, data engineering, data science, IoT analytics, operational insights, and predictive analytics use cases...”

The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Data Fabric, Q2 2022

The Denodo Platform

A logical data management, data integration, and data delivery solution that provides real-time access to curated, high-quality data. Powered by data virtualization, the Denodo Platform establishes a logical abstraction layer across all enterprise data assets that enables immediate access to any dataset without needing to first copy or replicate it. When a user connects to data and requests it, the Denodo Platform retrieves that data from one or more backend systems in real time, integrates it into business-friendly views, and delivers it to the user.

This logical data access layer simplifies the data management process for IT and security teams with a centralized point from which to monitor and manage all data access.




Data Access

The centralized logical data access layer enables anyone to quickly and easily access data regardless of where it resides, without requiring assistance from IT.


Data Discovery

The data catalog enables users to browse, discover, and use data assets located anywhere in the enterprise. With an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered recommendations engine, tools to aid collaboration, and smart search features, users know they can trust the data they discover.



With the broadest data delivery options to suit your needs, including JDBC, ODBC, ADO.NET, SOAP, RESTful web services, OData, GraphQL, GeoJSON, exports to Microsoft Excel/SQL, Tableau Data Extracts, and JMS message queues, users can access data in their preferred ways.

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