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Harnessing Data Virtualization to Accelerate Cloud Modernization
Panel discussion at Denodo DataFest 2018 on the subject of accelerating cloud modernization with data virtualizationPanelists:Mike Ferguson, Independent Analyst, Managing Director, Intelligent Business StrategiesGerhard Lennox, Senior Data Engineer, 2UStijn (Stan) Christiaens, Co-founder & CTO, CollibraArun Dixit, Principal Architect, UST GlobalModerated by: Yves Laurent, Director Partner Marketing, DenodoVisit Denodo DataFest 2018 to watch all the sessions on-demand.
Deploying Denodo in the Cloud: The Backbone of a Robust BI Infrastructure
The need for a properly structured data infrastructure has become a necessity within a BI infrastructure for data-driven decision making. Furthermore, data within any company flows from a wide variety of sources and the need for business stakeholders to access reliable, accurate data easily is of great importance. Attend this session to hear how 2U have implemented Denodo in the Cloud (AWS) to assist in providing all possible data sets in a well structured manner so business users can make impactful data driven decisions from the data served up in the Reporting System.Watch this Denodo...